Welcome to FISHE Soccer

FISHE Soccer is a cooperative Christian homeschool soccer club where one adult from each family is expected to participate. We play in four fields: Pine Ridge (Annandale), South Run (Springfield), and Poplar Tree (Chantilly), and Nike (Great Falls/Reston). We have all games and practices on Wednesdays from 1-3 PM. All your children will be able to play at the same time and at the same park. Each week you will either practice at your home field, play an away game at one of the other three fields, or host a game at your field. At the end of the season we will have a Field Day where all four fields will play against each other at one park.

Primary volunteer jobs include field coordinator, coach, assistant coach, team mom coordinator, team mom, babysitter coordinator, babysitter and equipment manager. Training is provided during the first week of practice.

FISHE soccer is available to homeschool children ages 4-18. We have a Spring and Fall season each year. Spring registration begins the first week of March. The official first day of practice begins the last Wednesday of March and lasts through early June. Fall registration begins the first week of August. The official first day of practice begins the first week of September and lasts through early November.

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