How is FISHE Soccer Different?

We believe that youth sports should be a blessing to families, bringing them together rather than pulling them apart.

Character and Coaching

We believe that even without a wealth of experience, a parent with good character and a commitment to coaching can successfully teach soccer to a young player. Therefore, we encourage parents to coach regardless of their past experience.

If you are unsure of your capabilities, consider coaching the U6 or U8 age groups. If you have some knowledge of the game, but don't know if you can coach, consider coaching the U10 or U12 teams. If you know the game pretty well and think you can coach, consider coaching the U15 or U19 teams.

We also believe that every child is created in God's image and possesses special unique gifts. Therefore, we give children equal chances to learn and equal time to play for almost all age groups. Additionally, we acknowledge excellence and encourage players to develop their strengths.


We structure the club to minimize the time strain on families. For instance:


We strive to minimize the financial strain on our families. For instance:

Team Size

We believe that small class sizes are wonderfully effective. So, we limit the number of players on a team. We play small-sided soccer; for example, U8 teams play 4-on-4.

Cooperative Soccer Instruction

Each family must provide at least one adult for a primary job each week of the season.


Each player must be a homeschooled student aged 4-18 by Sept 1 (for the Fall season) or April 1 (for the Spring season).

FISHE stands for Families In Support of Homeschool Education